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We have engaged On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services as our payroll agent since 2002. Over the years, On Time has proven to be reliable and prompt in its services. It is also well-versed with local regulations and requirements. Our office administrator, Sabrina has been working closely with Eunice, Director of On Time. Eunice is always accessible and helpful; an asset to work with.

Stephen Zinger

Managing Director, CMAI

On Time Bookkeeping has provided us with an accurate, cost-effective and efficient method of handling our payroll. In addition, the service provided by Eunice to us has been very good and personalized. Questions and concerns are dealt with in a professional and timely manner and we are very appreciative of the service and support provided by On Time.

Carol Pang

Chemtura Singapore Pte Ltd

As a small business in the F&B trade, it is critical that we have expert support in key areas of our business. Choosing the right support in accounting/tax preparation and financial planning is critical. When looking for support in these areas, I took the approach that I wanted a company with broad resources, and 

that utilized a team approach to my business. No one advisor is an expert in all areas of accounting/tax, and with On Time I found the right combination of expertise.
They utilize a team approach advising me on tax issues and financial planning, handling the monthly accounting issues and assisting in closing the books effectively and accurately each month.
They are cost effective in that I have a relationship with one accounting firm to provide several layers of support.
I consider them a key part of my team, and feel they have my company’s success in mind as trusted advisors.

Jonathan Wong

Director Harvest Supplier Pte ltd

Eunice Wong who holds the position of Director of OTBP is an impactful leader of its team. She and her team have thrived on the challenges encountered in its many years’ of consultancy and services. They have excelled in their performances and handled the assignments with a high level of professionalism.

I attribute this to OTBP’s strong desire and passion to want to achieve and succeed.
As the leader of the team, Eunice is tenacious, resourceful and meticulous in her number details. Her level of perseverance and determination are often put to test at each step of the payroll process. She stays the course even when the journey ahead is challenged. She goes out of her way to fulfill the customers’ needs.
Eunice demonstrates a high level of business maturity and strong passion for excellence. She is a trusted and reliable consultant who is always committed to find the best solutions. I have personally experienced her dedication where the highest level of excellence and commitment to best practices is her way of life.
All of these make Eunice and her team different from the rest and hence a winner in their own style. OTBP’s talent and expertise is unique and indeed impressionable.

Tan Tse Tiang

HR Director (AP Region)

This to confirm that On Time Book Keeping & Payroll Services Pte Ltd in Singapore handles the employee payroll, CPF and employee expenses functions and management on behalf of WLJ Associates Pte Ltd a registered Company in Singapore and GeoEye Inc, a Company incorporated in the U.S.A.

Our account is personally managed by Eunice Wong. We have found both Eunice’s and On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services to be very efficient and very professional, a partnership that has been in place since July 2007. They truly are an integral part of our operations in Singapore.
I would recommend their services to both local and foreign companies alike.

Andy Stephenson

Senior Director, Asia for GeoEye & Vice President for WLJ Associates

Eunice and her competent team are very professional and efficient with the handling of highly sensitive payroll information and had gained our trust early into our business collaboration.
It would be my greatest pleasure to recommend Eunice and On Time to anyone who requires a reliable and professional firm to assist them in all aspects of human resource and payroll-related support services.
Keep up the good work, Eunice!

Leong Lai Mei

Country Manager, VitaHealth Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd

Eunice Wong, the Director of OTBPS, took on the job for payroll and general bookkeeping under short notice. She delivered the monthly reports promptly and produced the first month payrolls in a matter of a couple of weeks only before the month end closing. She basically took all tasks from scratch and performed every tasks seamlessly for the company and with minimum supervision.

Her knowledge on the Singapore financial reporting requirements, and a thorough knowledge also of CPF and IRAS obligations really makes her a one-stop shop for any start-up company.
Eunice’s direct supervision and hand-on approach to getting things done is always a comfort to our company.
The company auditors, Price W aterhouse Coopers, had no problems working with her and closing the company accounts for financial year ending 2008. It was clear to all during the Audit process that Eunice knows her subject well and has no hesitation in explaining clearly everything to PW C as well as our HQ.
Above all, Eunice is a honest and trustworthy person who guards confidential information with utmost care and consideration.
Eunice W ong is truly a major factor for the successful start-up of our operations as an on- going concern in Singapore! I would not hesitate to recommend Euince and her company to anyone who needs to outsource their payroll and bookkeeping activities.

Hygin Fernandez

Managing Director, Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd

M-Biz Global Company Limited UK has appointed On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Pte Ltd (OTBP) as our payroll consultant for our respective staff payroll management since July 2007. Over the past several years we worked together, we have been pleased with the excellence service that they delivered.

As far as a company to do business with, OBTP is a great company to work with. They continue to assist and educate us on the Singapore payroll matters, especially when it comes to rules and regulations such as CPF and IRAS obligations. We have been working closely with Mrs. Eunice Wong, Director of OBTP. She is an organized, efficient, and extremely competent individual. She has been assisting us efficiently and effectively in all payroll matter. We are pleased with her quality of service and continuous prompt delivery.
In summary, we would recommend OTBP without reservation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Rina Ng

Sr. Accounting Manager, M-Biz Global Company Limited

Our company used On Time Bookkeeping and Payroll Services PTE LTD for our Singapore payroll from March of 2010 to September of 2018. During that time our employee headcount went from three employees to fifty-six. We found their services incredibly helpful and accurate. We truly appreciate their attention to detail, guidance, and flexibility to work with our timelines.

Sarah Mohen

Payroll Coordinator, World Wide Technology, Inc

On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Pte Ltd is engaged by Dellner Couplers AB since 1 Oct 2012 as our payroll and expense consultant. 
The Dellner Singapore office serves as an offshore regional sales officee with all corporate accounting and human resource functions based in our Swedish headquarters. Ontime Bookkeeping has been instrumental for the setup of Dellner Coupler’s Central Provident Fund contribution account and establishing a routine for monthly pay-roll instructions.

On Time Bookkeeping conducts herself professionally and proves to be a reliable partner and advisor on the statustory book-keeping requirements for foreign based companies implementing business operations in Singapore.
In the past year, On Time Bookkeeping was able to keep good relationship with the finance department at our Swedish headquarters, and communicates actively for timely routine updates.
On Time Bookkeping performed to our entire satisfaction and I recommend On Time Bookkeeping to any organization that wish to engage bookkeeping and payroll services.

Dave Koh

Dellner Couplers Singapore Regional Sales Manager

When our company was commencing operations in Singapore in 2010, we needed a service provider who was able to setup our payroll system in Singapore to ensure we complied with all the local requirements. Ms. Eunice Wong, Director of On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services, was not only able to do this for us, she exceeded our expectations in many areas and was instrumental in the application of the employment passes for our senior executives and the associated dependent passes. She was also able to obtain waivers from the IRAS requirement for a Letter of Guarantee.

Ms. Wong was able to offer guidance on terms and conditions when we began hiring Singaporean employees to ensure we met all the Ministry of Manpower requirements as well as  helping us ensure we understood the typical employment packages. When one of our expat employees was leaving, she prepared all the necessary documents for tax clearance.
Our experince with On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services is that they continually surpass our expectations at the service level, in their reliability and forward thinking, and in their response time to our questions and requirements.
I would have no hesitation in recommending On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for all your Bookkeeping and payroll needs, though their service offerings extend well beyond that.

Capt Gary Baron, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, FLEX LNG Management Singapore (PTE) LTD

We have engaged On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services as our payroll agent since 2002. Over the years, On Time has proven to be reliable and prompt in its services. It is also well-versed with local regulations and requirements.
Our office administrator, Sabrina has been working closely with Eunice, Director of On Time. Eunice is always accessible and helpful; an asset to work with.

Stephen Zinger

Managing director, Chemical Market Associates Pte Ltd

From the moment we set up our office in Singapore in 2010 we have been working together with On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services (OTBP), since then they have taken care of our bookkeeping and staff payroll management.

Over the year OTBP has consistently given us excellent and flawless service. It has especially been a pleasure to work together with Ms. Eunice Wong, Director of OTBP, who has gone above and beyond in ensuring that our bookkeeping is done properly and we meet all relevant local regulations. On countless occassions she has as actually far exceed her duties and has used her extensive experience to give us precious and useful advice on a wide variety of matters.

Her help was also instrumental in getting the necessary Employment Passes from Singaporean Ministry of Manpower for our foreign employees.

In short OTBP has been crucial for our success and I would thus recommend theur services without hesitation.

David Vermeire

Director, Belgian Gourmet Pte. Ltd.

Our company, Ng Tian Seh Contractor Pte Ltd outsources our accounts to On Time Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Pte Ltd, the moment we convert from Sole Proprietor to Private Limited in year 2008.


Eunice, the Director of On Time Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Pte Ltd, had no issue in taking over the conversions of the accounts. Eunice takes on any jobs entrusted to her well. She is always meticulous with figures and is a very detailed person. She delivers what she promises and meets all deadlines, even for urgent matters.

Her team is well trained and supervised by her. She ensures that the work is reviewed, before releasing it to us, despite her busy schedules. During the past years, she has proven herself to be reliable, trustworthy and responsible.

She also ensures she and her staff is updated with the latest accounting practice and government rules and never failed to update us of the same. As a satisfied customer of On Time Bookkeeping and Payroll Services Pte Ltd, I strongly recommend Eunice and her team to any newly startup or existing business.

Ng Tian Seh


Thank you for all your help the past two years. You really gave us excellent service. Hopefully we will do business again in the future.

Gert van Deventer

Head of Finance, Lafferty Group

Thank you for the efficient delivery of services. I wish you and family a Happy New Year and I am sure you have enjoyed a Merry Christmas!


Finance Director, ISP Asia Pacific (S) Pte Ltd

Yes, That is what we were prepared to do. Thanks again! You have been truly excellent.

Beth Berwick

The Leading Edge

Thanks Eunice,
I would rather work with you rather than the existing supplier I am using. The only advantage of the
current supplier is that they are in Tanjong Pagar so it is easy for me to pick up letters when they come in.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
All the best,

Daniel Martinez

Managing Director, MarketOne Singapore

Eunice, thank you very much for your excellent work over the years with FSI and solid support of Carrie
and Anna. Carrie always spoke highly of you. I am very glad we have had your services to support our

Peter Spink

Global HR Director, TEL FSI International

I have used Eunice for a number of years, she is honest and fair. She helped me a lot in setting up my company and she has been recommended to me by other friends.

Anthony Joseph Faneco

TFS Consulting Pte Ltd

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